Friday, October 26, 2007

London britches staying up ...

... 'cause they're finding fulfillment while keeping their clothes on! Thanks to my wonderful webmaster Saint Kansas (who also designed Dr. Miriam Grossman's site), you can now download the Thrill ofthe Chaste talkI gave October 8 at London's historic Farm Street Church. The download is also available via the "Audio" section of the Multimedia page.

Following are some photos from what was for me a beautiful evening, taken with my camera by Damian Polly of Pure in Heart, an excellent speaker himself (he teaches chastity and the theology of the body). Many thanks to Diocese of Westminster seminarian Robert Colquhoun and everyone at the John Paul II Centre in Dublin (which organized my Ireland/London tour) for setting up the talk.

But first, a shot taken earlier that afternoon of me about as happy as you'll ever see me. I am delighted at meeting Father John Edwards S.J., the author of beautifully and expertly written spiritual books who is in residence at the Mount Street Jesuit Centre at Farm Street Church. One of his books, A New and Special Way, bears an introduction by the now-Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta. I've yet to read that one, but am a great fan of his Ways of Loving and Ways of Forgiveness.

I take questions and answers following my talk in the parish hall:

The crowd of nearly 100 mingles in the lovely hall following my talk:

Most of the crowd were young adult women, as could be expected given that my book's directed at them, but there were also a good number of blokes:

Scene from the book-signing table; at far left is event promoter Robert Colquhoun, the seminarian mentioned above: