Thursday, November 29, 2007

Altar call

Last night I had the great pleasure of speaking to a reading group at the gorgeous new Potomac Falls, Va., church Our Lady of Hope.

The parochial vicar, Father Belli, asked a question that no priest has ever asked me before: What advice could I give for preaching chastity from the pulpit?

I'm running to work and can't blog 'til tonight, so I'll leave you with that question for now. The comments section below is for your own suggestions for Father Belli and other priests who may want advice on preaching chastity. I'll post my answers tonight.

Many thanks to everyone who attended my talk at Our Lady of Hope and especially to Emily Borman for inviting me. It was a beautiful experience and I will remember it.

UPDATE, 11/30/07, 1 a.m. Thanks for the many insightful comments in answer to Father Belli's question. I'll post my own answer later this a.m.