Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Burns on 'Bible bashers'

Andrea Burns, the Melbourne Herald Sun columnist who started an online debate of sorts when she wrote a column countering my belief that women should not try to "have sex like men" (as the flawed expression goes), now takes aim at "Bible bashers" — people who have left critical comments on her blog (bashing her, not the Bible).

For the record, I don't approve when my readers leave personal attacks on other people's blogs. As a Christian, it is embarrassing to me when people give a malicious witness for the faith, and it makes me mad.

At the same time, it appears that Burns is not just using the term "bashers" for readers who left personal insults for her; rather, she seems to be applying it to anyone who upholds a morality other than her own. If that is how she really feels, that those who openly disagree with her are by definition "bashing" her, then I am sorry to hear that.