Monday, December 3, 2007

Judgment Dei

Had to share this charming story from my friend Brian Finnerty, U.S. communications director of Opus Dei — a numerary (celibate) member who lives in one of the prelature's residences.

Brian writes:

I was picked for jury duty today.

One of the amusing things in the process was filling out the questionnaire and replying to the question "Occupations and relationship to you of other adults in your household."

Answer: lawyer, doctor, academic, academic, priest, priest, money manager, grad student, educator — fellow Opus Dei members.

I was watching one of the lawyers look at my form, and his eyes seemed to open wide as he read it.

But when questioning me both lawyers choose to steer clear of asking me about Opus Dei. And, somehow, I got picked to be on the panel.