Monday, January 14, 2008

Complete 'Modest Proposals' seminar featuring 'Chastity All-Stars' now online

On November 13, a dream of mine came to fruition with "Modest Proposals," a meeting of minds at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Along with co-promoter and moderator Mary Rose Rybak, managing editor of The New Atlantis, I brought a group I like to call the "Chastity All-Stars" — me along with fellow authors Wendy Shalit (A Return to ModestyGirls Gone Mild), Laura Sessions Stepp (Unhooked) and Dr. Miriam Grossman (Unprotected), plus Cassandra DeBenedetto (founder of the Princeton pro-chastity Anscombe Society) — before a standing-room-only audience to discuss the problems of sexual promiscuity on college campuses. The goal was to propose solutions that looked beyond simply getting students to use more condoms, as that strategy has failed to stem the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and the sharp rise in depression on college campuses.

Today, I am delighted to announce that the entire seminar is now online.

For members of my family who are reading this and would like to skip to the parts where I speak, here they are:

  • Mary Rose introduces me at 1:24:36.
  • At 1:47:49, I follow up on Cassandra's answer to Mary Rose's question on how to communicate a message of empowerment for women.
  • At 2:03:38, I answer a question on how women can find healing after being emotionally harmed by unchastity. My answer applies to men as well.
Many thanks to the Ethics and Public Policy Center for making the entire video available.

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