Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Listen to 'Chastity: An Alternative Lifestyle'

I'm delighted to announce that the talk I gave at Monday night's Arlington Diocese Theology on Tap is now on the series' podcast page.

For those who have already heard me speak, about sixty percent of the talk is new material. Yay!

I've linked the podcast page rather than linking directly to my talk, because there are loads of other talks on the page as well, which show why the Arlington Diocese Theology on Tap has a reputation as the best such series around. One of my favorites is "Sacramentals: Are You What You Wear?" which was given by a priest and a nun — the priest being Father M. of Patum Paperium — who engage in comedic repartee a la Sonny and Cher (though with a different experience of Chastity).

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