Tuesday, January 22, 2008

News on the march

Exhausted after more than a day's worth of public events, all of which went very well.

More than 200 young adults (and a few oldsters) packed Pat Troy's pub in Arlington for my talk last night at Arlington Diocese Theology on Tap. A podcast of it should be available shortly; will post the link when it emerges.

Today, I had the honor of speaking at Blogs for Life at the Family Research Council. Afterwards, I went to the March for Life for a couple of hours and then hosted a tea party at the Catholic Information Center for pro-life bloggers and the people who love them, including Jill Stanek and Dr. Michael J. New, both of whom gave excellent presentations at Blogs for Life. American Life League's Judie Brown, Anita Crane, and Michael Hichborn also came by, and we had a highly enjoyable chat around the CIC's conference table with several other guests as we wound down from the long day. I won't say what we discussed, as I didn't ask if it was bloggable, but I will say that I complimented Hichborn on the great job he's been doing with ALL's video news updates.

A highlight of the day was getting to meet Catholic seminarian Jeff Geerling, in town for the march from St. Louis with some of his schoolmates. Jeff promptly took advantage of the CIC's free wi-fi to immortalize the moment with a photo on his blog. You can see how happy I was to meet him for the first time after corresponding with him on and off for more than three years. He is one of the Dawn Patrol readers who helped lead me to the Catholic Church.

Jeff is the producer of the legendary "Duel of the Seminarians," which is well worth an encore appearance on this blog: