Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ammo and amas

Just received this very kind testimonial from the president of Georgetown University Right to Life:

"As Christian students at Georgetown, we sometimes feel alienated by a campus culture that leaves little room for discourse about chastity, abstinence and the impact of our faith on our romantic relationships. Dawn's talk was invigorating and inspirational for us; she gave us the spiritual ammo to persist in our decision to remain chaste even in the face of the dominant 'hookup culture.' The small-group discussions we held [afterward] were incredibly helpful for us to work through some of the ideas that Dawn's talk presented, to make those ideas applicable to our own daily lives and to provide fellowship for like-minded people of faith. Overall, the event was an overwhelming success and I could not be more grateful to Dawn and all of the others who made it possible for us to bring her to Georgetown University."

 —Caitlin Barr, Georgetown University