Saturday, February 16, 2008

Painting the town rad

Got one more wonderful testimonial from my Georgetown talk last week, this one from the Protestant co-sponsor:

"We so appreciated the evening of the Dawn Eden talk and the ensuing discussion. Dawn has a way of getting at the heart of a very important issue — chastity — without shame or embarrassment, and yet she speaks in a way that is winsome and gentle. Especially encouraging was her charge for us to consider ourselves (i.e. the chaste) as today's 'radicals'! This gave our students some excitement to think of themselves as part of a movement.

"We also found the conversation afterwards very beneficial. The large group Q & A time was edifying, and the breaking into small groups was such a great idea too, since students were able to be more honest with their struggles and personal questions with fewer people listening in.

"I would like to see Dawn's ministry increase far and wide. Let's start a radical movement!"

— Kevin Offner, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Grad Staff, Washington, D.C. Area Universities