Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quote of the day

"There is a wonderfully funny and eclectic show that started at the beginning of the season called 'Pushing Daisies.' The plot line is that this boy discovers that if he touches something dead it comes back to life. ... In the series as an adult he brings his childhood sweetheart who was murdered back to life and he can never touch her again without her immediately dying. The same goes for his childhood pet dog who he had also brought back to life. Watching the show you get the sense of the loss of intimacy since he has to keep away from his dog and always uses gloves if he is going to pet him. The same goes for his childhood sweetheart and the show shows the lengths they have to go to try to show affection for each other without her dying, such as kissing through Saran Wrap. The comic sadness of this is easy to see, yet somehow people see using a condom as something intimate and it is an act of separation on a couple of levels."

 — Jeff Miller, a k a The Curt Jester