Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The way of all fleshpots

"A 'G-string diva' is a no one to be envied or admired. This is not an 'art form.' It's a tragic, lonely, and dangerous lifestyle. Behind the sexy stripper facade is a deeply wounded and confused little girl who needs help, who needs compassion, in short, who needs Jesus. She usually ends up hating men for being stupid enough to give her money for gyrating in front of him. She knows deep down that he is exploiting her, and that she is using him. And she knows that the whole thing is a con game, no matter what she tells herself. One of the popular songs the women at my bar liked to perform to was titled 'Living Dead Girl,' and for me, that epitomizes the state of an dancer's soul."

— The anonymous creator of Saved from Strip Clubs, via her online testimony. A convert to Catholicism, she works to help women escape the sex industry.