Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cleaning up

As the end of Lent approaches, I realize I have too many things, so am having a "free store" party this Saturday afternoon.

Here's what I've managed to set aside so far, including stacks of rock-history books, all my Lenny Bruce tomes, Monty Python- and Second City-related publications (including Jack Mathews' The Battle for Brazil), cassettes of Peter Cook and Julian & Sandy, dozens of Peanuts paperbacks, dress purses, clothes, a few power pop CDs, etc. The autographed Tom Stoppard and Carl Perkins items have been claimed, but the autographed Rutles CD and Terry Teachout Reader remain. Still to hit the pile is some costume jewelry, many more rock magazines, LPs and 45s, and probably a few more books, dress purses, articles of clothing, etc.

(Yes, I did attempt to read the Luigi Guissani book that's on top, but can comprehend him only in small doses, e.g. the little quotes they publish in Magnificat from time to time.)

I believe I've invited all my pals who would be interested in taking my things. However, if you're a personal friend whom I've overlooked (perhaps out of a mistaken assumption that you don't want more books), please drop me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite, as I'm quite eager to make more living space. Sorry, but can invite only personal friends or friends of friends.