Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hoosier mama

In which I tell the parishioners of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church where the resentment I felt upon initially attempting chastity was really coming from—and how it can be overcome. Many thanks to Jonathan Chamblee, coordinator of religious education at the Beech Grove, Ind., church, for making the professional-quality video.

I have a bit of article trouble—I say "that life" when I mean "this life"—but otherwise, I think I kept it together pretty well, considering what was on my mind. The January 24 presentation was my last before going under the knife five days later for a partial thyroidectomy— and, knowing the risks of such an operation, I was afraid the talk might in fact be my last. Holy Name's pastor, Rev. Stanley Pondo, assured me of prayers, which, combined with those of my other friends, family, and blog readers, helped me more than I can say as I went in for the procedure.

Audio of my entire talk is available on Holy Name's Web site—click on my name in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Stay tuned for more videos tomorrow!