Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prayer request

Tomorrow is a difficult anniversary for me and I would like to request your prayers. Thanks and God bless.

Also, I've received a date for my second thyroid surgery—it'll be May 27, the day after Memorial Day.

As I mentioned earlier, the tumor that was removed in my first surgery was fully encapsulated, so there is no immediate danger to my health. The second surgery is on the advice of doctors who believe that, since the type of cancer found was multifocal, there is a significant risk it might reoccur. As I am under 40, I will be able to handle the surgery better than if I waited and then needed to have it done later in life. Thankfully, my surgeon did an excellent job the first time around, so I'm not so worried about the second one, though I will of course be glad when it (and the ensuing radioactive iodine treatment) is over.