Monday, April 28, 2008

I've got a glass house ... and a slingshot

L.A. Holmes comes out the winner in Part Two of RightWingNews' series interviewing female conservative bloggers on dating, for talking about the importance of chivalrous behavior and how women shouldn't be cynical about men's character.

The rest of the interviewees are upfront about their conservative ideology when it comes to criticizing liberals, but their political views don't seem to reflect an elevated morality. I gasped when I read one interviewee's complaint that an eHarmony match dropped her for "a liberal woman -- with cankles and purple contacts."

"Obviously," the blogger adds, "she must have an unusually wonderful personality."

What this series makes me realize is that, if so-called conservative political views don't reflect a desire to image God in one's life and relationships, then, what is the point of holding them? (The views, not the bloggers.)

I'm sensitive about this because it's an issue of personal integrity, one with which I have struggled and continue to struggle. (I touch upon in my book's chapter on modest dress, when I write about how my bed got the chastity message before my closet.) My own interview for RightWingNews' series doesn't read like the words of one who has overcome the world.