Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quote of the day

"It is no wonder that when Jesus instructed his disciples concerning divorce they concluded, 'If this is the situation between a husband and a wife, it is better not to marry' (Matthew 19:10). In our times we do not see obvious evidence that the Lord strikes people dead for their sin or commands whole nations to be put to the sword. But it is quite clear that the fabric of individual lives is being eaten away from the inside by the hunger for intimacy and the failure to attain it, and that the cup of the Lord's wrath is being poured out via the increasingly incorruptible vessel of matrimony. Even as more marriages than ever are reduced to ashes, the union of matrimony emerges not only unscathed, but a higher and purer thing, more and more implacable in its holy demands, more unshakable than ever in the foundations of its sacred love. The biblical ideal of marriage cannot help but stand in judgment over contemporary society, laying wide open the sin and corruption of hearts, making woefully obvious the poverty of true intimacy in the world."

Mike MasonThe Mystery of Marriage