Friday, April 4, 2008

Quote of the day

"Perhaps the deepest sin of feminism is envy. So many feminists think that men have a better life and see them as somehow conspiring to keep women unhappy. Feminists deny what the average woman on the street will attest to: Women like being women! We like dressing differently from men, wearing make-up and watching romantic movies. We know it is nearly impossible for women to separate sexual intimacy and love. Women who give themselves to a man know, in the inner recesses of their hearts, that a baby might be the result of such intimacy. This is part of our God-given nature, and it is beautiful. However, radical, gender-bending feminists want to deny the heart of true femininity.

"When Betty Friedan collected stories for The Feminine Mystique, she failed to talk to the mothers who were happy!"

— Lorraine V. Murray, author of Confessions of an Ex-Feminist, from her Ignatius Insight interview