Friday, May 16, 2008

Common sense on California

"Matrimony, which used to be the sacrosanct institution for the unifying spiritual power of sexual relations and the procreation and raising of children in a harmonious unit has become totally cheapened by the customs of the day. Sex is for the moment, children a commodity that can be accepted, rejected or tossed in a bin behind the abortuary.

"If people of the gay persuasion look at the way we have dumbed down marriage to a simple piece of paper defining the property interests of the parties, who can blame them when they say, 'Well, why can't we have that, too?'

"Perhaps if we had a better idea of what matrimony is, or should be, we wouldn't even be having this discussion."

— Former family-court judge Robert N. Going on the cultural currents that enabled the California Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision. He notes that such currents extend well beyond what critics call the "gay lobby."