Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Help needed for pregnant woman in Charlotte, N.C.

With permission, here is an e-mail sent today by the Sisters of Life:

Dear Coworkers of Life,

We have a woman who is looking to relocate to the Charlotte, NC area. Her dream is to attend the school of cosmetology (Dudley Beauty College.) She already has some experience in this field. She also has a lifelong friend living there (in Charlotte.). She is very vulnerable to abortion and has narrowly chosen life but often flipflops due to the pressure that others are putting on her. She has a 10-month-old little boy. He has a surprisingly peaceful disposition.

Does anyone know:

* a maternity home or a family or single woman who may be able to offer a room to her and her son in the Charlotte, NC area.
* a possible way to fund her studies at Dudley
* a car that we could arrange for her to use.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness! Please continue to pray for her and the many other women we are serving - It often feels like they are escaping from the jaws of a lion.

In Christ Our Life,

Sr. Magdalene, SV
E-mail: visitation.mission -at- (replace the "-at-" with an "@")
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