Thursday, May 15, 2008

Peak hour

Going to bed after a long and wonderful day, which included ...

... a trip to Matanuska Glacier, Alaska ...

... followed by a talk at the Wasilla, Alaska Theology on Tap.

In between, my host, Dirk Imlach, took me to Sacred Heart Church in Wasilla, where I saw the stunning crucifix designed by a local artist.

Today, I head to Seattle, where I speak to the Seattle Chesterton Society—details on Mark Shea's blog. Can't wait to meet Mark for the first time in person. He is one of the people who helped to lead me into the Catholic Church, which he did through the kind and patient witness he showed me when I was curious (but wary) about the Faith.

For details on my other Seattle talks, see the Appearances page on

Many, many thanks to everyone in Alaska who made my tour possible—it was a beautiful and unforgettable experience.