Friday, May 23, 2008

Shea, Eden formed anew in 'Deutero'

For those following the Legend of Shea and Eden,, here is the latest "proof" of "Mark"'s existence, from a comment left under his name on a Dawn Patrol post:


Deutero-Mark Shea here. The real Mark couldn't be here, so I appointed myself to write something that sounds like the sort of humorous thing he might post. The way you can tell I'm Deutero-Mark and not the real mark is by the a science known as "vocabulary analysis". That means you compare 13 combox entries chosen at random out of an entire lifetime of correspondence and writing that has been subsequently lost to history. If a word turns up in one combox (say, "Nitwit", "Oddment", "Blubber", or "Tweak") then that proves conclusively that the author of the combox entry with the anomalous word cannot possibly be the same person who authored the other combox entries. This is how we know Paul did not write Ephesians or 2 Timothy.

If that sounds rather dodgy to you, that's because you are stupid. Deutero-Mark Shea says so. And he ought to know because he's not writing this very entry!

Mark P. Shea
For those interested in further research, I suggest formulating a "Shea-Eden seminar" to determine which of the things "Mark" and "I" "say" we have done, or are said to have done, might have plausibly occurred—assuming, of course, we actually exist.