Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Faygo' seeks deeper faith

I'm not sure why Josephine's husband Damien describes his beliefs with the name of a soft drink, but he seems to be interested in RC:

You see, when I was a young boy (cue blues harmonica) I was very involved in my church. I had close friends there and I really wanted to live my life serving others. I wanted to help people and religion played a huge role in my life.

Things went kind of down hill over the years, much my own fault and some blame I point a finger at.... ahhh... you... right there, the 2nd guy on the right in the blue blazer and the pink socks. I am staring right at you buddy.

Lately things have been changing in my life, through a tragedy and the kindness of those around us I have been expressing some interest in my wife's church.

I was raised Faygo....err.... Protestant and me own wee wife is Catholic. ... Yeah as a Faygo, I mean Protestant, I had been taught to hate Catholics.

Welp, these days I am a Deist. I don't know where I am going to end up... but it sure is going to be a wacky ride. I need some answers blast it, I have questions and you people are being dragged along on the back of my pickup truck while we blast early Kenny Rogers songs. Ok, I am just kidding about the dragging you part and the pickup truck and the Kenny Rogers.

Well mostly kidding anyways.
He writes in an e-mail that it would be a "huge" help if Dawn Patrol readers would answer some of the questions he plans to post at his new blog, The Great Super Funtime Adventure. If you're interested, while he's thinking of questions, I suggest commenting on his first post to let him know you're there for him. I know from personal experience how much the Blogdom of Saints can help one who seeks truth.