Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oregon offers the poor a debt-free solution to cancer care

It's called euthanasia. As Mark Shea writes in his headline, Oregon Health Plan to Cancer Victims: We Won't Cover Your Treatment, But We'll Happily Kill You.

Stories like this put the social injustice of mandatory government financing for abortion and euthanasia into disturbing perspective. In effect, it's not really about giving the poor "access." It's about making it easier for them to disappear. The rich have the means to support their own lives, while to the poor it is given to kill their unborn or themselves for free.

RELATED: Kudos to the New York Times for its obituary of Harriet McBryde Johnson. Born with a severely disabling degenerative neuromuscular disease, Johnson publicly challenged Princeton University professor Peter Singer over his advocating killing handicapped newborns.