Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Quote of the day

"To watch 'Sex and the City' is to understand how pernicious is the mistrust between men and women, how deep are our resentments toward each other, how skewed our desires and expectations. Calling it a "fantasy" is a denial of its real power, and its real limitation - to offer women the experience of all the joys, and all of the moral turpitude, of treating others as objects to be used."

Caille Millner"What 'Sex and the City' reveals," in today's San Francisco Chronicle.

Reader L. tipped me to the op-ed and writes that Millner is a young feminist columnist. I am impressed that she would call out the film's objectification of men so boldly. She starts with a different angle than I do in my own take on the film and TV show, "Sex and the Kiddies," and yet we meet in the same place.