Monday, June 2, 2008

'Sex and the Kiddies'

"One of the most talked-about scenes in the SATC film that opened last Friday is a thinly veiled satire on how the TV show has attained an under-18 audience without losing its X-rated themes. The four female stars are sitting around the brunch table at their favorite restaurant, where they usually dish salacious bedroom stories, only now Charlotte's 3-year-old daughter is present as well, working on a coloring book.

"When Miranda brings up their favorite topic, Charlotte urges her to watch her language around the child. Carrie saves the day by suggesting they substitute the word 'coloring' for 'sex.'

"Discussing the scene on NBC's Today show last week, Michael Patrick King, who directed and wrote both the film and the TV series, noted with pride, 'That's as dirty as you can get and still be clean.'

"The real dirty little secret of SATC is that the little girls understand."

— From "Sex and the Kiddies," my op-ed in today's American Spectator online. (Inspired headline courtesy of editor Jeremy Lott.)