Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Spying out the gland

I received the pathology results this morning from the completion of my thyroidectomy and they couldn't be better.

No cancer was found in my lymph nodes. What's more, in the remainder of my thyroid that was removed, they found an outbreak of cancer of the same type found in the node they removed in my last operation, and it was, as before, completely contained. So, it turns out to be a very good thing that I went ahead with the second surgery as a precaution.

I am greatly relieved. The only major procedure that remains now is treatment with radioactive iodine next month, to knock out any thyroid tissue remaining in my system. I'm not looking forward to being back in the hospital briefly and being isolated for a few days, but at least the most painful part of the treatment is over. Many thanks again to those who have been praying for me during this time.