Friday, June 20, 2008

That was GRE-Z

Got some great news yesterday with regard to my grad school prospects. I took the GRE cold and got 680 verbal and 640 quantitative (math), which according to that reliable source Wikipedia put me in the 96th and 58th percentiles, respectively. (The fact that I ranked above the mean at all in the math section is absolutely amazing.)

When you take the GRE test, you get to see your scores on the multiple-choice sections instantly, which is how I know how I did. It will be another couple of weeks before the analytical-writing score comes in, as that section has to be reviewed by two college faculty members. I am not worried about my score on that, though I suppose perhaps I should be concerned that a secular academic might not enjoy reading my conversion story.

In hope of entering full-time studies for a master's in theology this fall, I had my scores sent to four area schools, but I already have a particular one in mind: Dominican House of Studies. The volumes of Archbishop Sheen I have read in the past couple of years have whetted my appetite for Thomism, for which it looks like DHS is the place to go. It is also appealing as it is the home of many excellent minds such as John Corbett. No, that wouldn't be "Aidan" of "Sex and the City," but rather the Rev. John Corbett O.P., a professor of moral theology whose lectures at my parish this past year made me want to learn more.