Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Morning Show" greets Dawn

Going to bed after another long and wonderful day at World Youth Day week in Sydney, but want to say thanks so much to those of you who answered my prayer request for my appearance on Channel 7's "Morning Show."

I thought the segment went very well; the hosts were gracious, and I was able to get my points across. The doctor who countered me argued that abstinence "didn't work." I responded that in a truly "pro-choice" culture, youths deserved to learn about the optiion of abstinence, especially as it offered "the only 100% protection against disease, unwanted pregnancies, and the tragedy and depression that follows abortion. Yes, my grammar was off—but I had to get the words "tragedy," "depression," and "abortion" in the same sentence, as such sentiments are rarely voiced on TV, even though they are the experience of many post-abortive women.

{CORRECTION, 7/18/08: I just got ahold of a DVD of the clip, and my grammar was better than I recalled. I said, "We should teach that abstinence is the only 100% certain way of avoiding disease, avoiding unwanted pregnancy, and avoiding the real personal tragedy and depression that follows abortion."]

Afterwards, my friend John Lamont, a Dawn Patrol commenter who had very kindly offered to take me around Sydney, escorted me to St. Augustine's in Balmain, the World Youth Day headquarters of the Latin Mass-supporting group Juventutem, for a Pontifical Votive Mass of the Holy Spirit, celebrated by an Australian bishop. It was moving, and the chants were gorgeous.

As I stood outside chatting with fellow pilgrims after Mass, one of them urged me to peek inside. There, I saw something quite stunning that I had never seen before in my life: three priests, each celebrating Low Mass at an individual altar—left, right, and center.

Much more to tell, but I will leave you with this overview of the scene as the Pope addressed pilgrims upon his arrival at Sydney Harbor. I took it from a window at the Observatory Hotel, where Juventutem pilgrims and friends enjoyed an amazing view.