Sunday, July 6, 2008

My life in 'Closeup'

Many thanks to Christophers producer Tony Rossi for featuring me on this week's "Christopher Closeup" radio show, broadcast yesterday on Sirius Catholic Channel and available today as a download from the Christophers' Web site.

Listening to it, I'm impressed at how well Tony got me to open up to him. Never before have I relaxed so much in an interview. He asked me about my (successful) treatment for thyroid cancer, how my personal and spiritual growth improved as my relationship with my father did so (which I mention in The Thrill of the Chaste), and many other subjects I do not normally discuss in "buy my book" interviews.

It is difficult for me to listen to the beginning of the interview because I sound like a member of the mythical self-help group for rambling speakers—"On-and-on-and-onymous." But hang in there—it starts to get better about eight minutes in. That is when I talk about how my blog readers' prayers helped me as I underwent my thyroid operations and recovered from them. On the whole, it is as close as an interview can get to how I really talk when I am speaking to a friend.

If you would like to sample other "Christopher Closeup" interviews, Tony's blog gives a good overview of some of the other interviews he has done.

Oh—and do buy my book!

Photo by Kristina J. Grabosky.