Monday, October 13, 2008

Sloppy Gawker maligns me, backtracks

First Gawker touted the forged "Palin SAT scoresheet" as the real thing; last night, it claimed the bad "Palin grades" were mine.

As you can see from my own SAT scoresheet published on NewsBusters, that was a lie. (For those coming in late, read the backstory.)

Here is a screenshot of the original version of Gawker's post; click on it to see it full-size:

The post includes the line, "So Eden's the one with the bad scores? How bizarre."

As I write this, Gawker weekend editor Ian Spiegelman has corrected the falsehoods in the post's text, but it still has the lying headline, "Sarah Palin's SAT Scores Actually Belong to Born-Again Virgin Dawn Eden." (That last link will take you to the current version of the article on Gawker.)

I have been told by Spiegelman that he does not have the power to change headlines. Only publisher Nick Denton and writer Sheila McCleary may do so, and they have not responded to my requests as of this writing. So, the lie remains, although the story contradicts the headline.

Given its previous reportage on me, I have a hard time believing that Gawker is displaying an "absence of malice."

UPDATE, 8:12 a.m.: McCleary writes, "Hi Dawn, I changed the copy at 6:30 pm and I changed the hed at 2: 30 am because I just got HOME FROM THE BAR, yes it's fixed!"

The new headline reads, "Sarah Palin's Fake SAT Scores Actually Belong to Born-Again Virgin Dawn Eden." I wouldn't call that a retraction, but then, as commenter Shaun G. notes, "Not many people consider Gawker a reputable publication."