Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Planned Parenthood promotes debunked Palin rape-kit smear
A guest post by HENRIETTA G. TAVISH

To support the infanticide-favoring Barack Obama and protect its receipt of hundreds of millions of your taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood is running a television ad to promote the thoroughly discredited myth that as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin charged rape victims for their own rape kits. Refutations are available herehereherehere and here and here, and most significantly, in the contemporaneous legislative history of a 2000 Alaska bill.

Notably, the only evidence presented to the committee considering the Alaska bill, which was aimed at protecting victims from incurring such charges, was a letter from one woman in Juneau who discovered that her hospital had billed her insurance for the kit along with the other costs of her treatment -- the problem common throughout the nation, at which the bill was aimed, caused by "crossover between medical care and forensic care." For various reasons intended to help the victims (and supported by victim advocacy groups) Alaska still permits insurance coverage of the kits where minors are involved.

But there's certainly no evidence that any woman in Wasilla (1) ever paid for a rape kit (2) was ever asked to pay for a rape kit, or (3) was ever charged for one through her insurance. None whatsoever! That's why, in the lying Planned Parenthood ad, the featured victim can only assert, without substantiation, that women "like me" were charged. She herself was not a Wasilla resident; she was not raped during the relevant period; and she was not charged for a kit. Indeed, no actual Wasilla resident has ever made such a claim.