Monday, November 17, 2008

Grace notes

Bits of my past as a vintage-pop superfan pop up from time to time as I pursue my master's degree in theology at Dominican House of Studies. I am currently reading an essay by Marc Cardinal Ouellet from Communio recommended to me by one of my professors, bearing the abstruse title "Paradox and/or Supernatural Existential," and it makes me want to write a journal article just so I can call it "Paradox by the Dashboard Light."

Of course, like its title's inspiration, the article would deal with the eschatological.

And I currently have the Tremeloes' 1968 Euro smash "Helule Helule" running through my head, only I am thinking of how it would sound were the group singing of the Summa Theologica: "Secunda Secundae." (That would be a job for a British Nick Alexander.)