Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blag mischief

A delightful e-mail arrived two days ago from playwright Kenan Minkoff, founder and president of the Fitz-Greene Halleck Society, which honors the "anti-Melville.". My apologies for not sharing it sooner (grad-school exams beckon and blogging suffers):

Miss Eden,

Forgive the impetuosity, if not impertinence of my writing, but all things considered I thought you were the person to share this with.

(lacking a bully pulpit - I have been known to whisper strategically)

You were on my mind today, oddly and anyway, because my solemn Jewish blood was clashing with my novice Christian heart.

... and then getting off the subway I saw the Post and News, and it made me sad; the headline that should have been written had not been - because people are religiously illiterate.

But you...

The cover of at least one of the NY Tabloids for 12/10/2008 should have read:

Ebony and Simony

Do you not agree?

with respect,

Kenan Minkoff