Friday, December 19, 2008

No room at the inn:
Planned Parenthood aims to abort the homeless

Planned Parenthood is partnering with a Santa Barbara, Calif., shelter to "confidential reproductive health services" to homeless women, meaning contraception and—soon to come with its "full-service" satellite clinic—abortion. What's more, the abortion giant claims it is doing the women a service by prescribing contraceptives to them without giving them a physical exam. The Santa Barbara Independent reports [emphasis mine]:

For the first few months, reproductive services will be limited to what Planned Parenthood dubs “express exams.” They include birth control and testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) without that physical exam many women find intimidating. Within a few months though, the clinic will ramp up to a full-service Planned Parenthood satellite clinic, capable of gynecological exams and the more invasive birth control device Implanon, which is surgically inserted under the skin and lasts for three years.
Well, that's one way to solve the homeless problem, I guess. Call it a final solution.

Concerned Women for America's Wendy Wright observes to "Homeless women have a variety of health needs, but Planned Parenthood does not provide the range of medical care that these women need,” she said. “Women who go through Planned Parenthood’s ‘services’ at this shelter won’t receive the basic care that customary medical clinics (including free clinics) provide. How much better it would be for these women to engage medical personnel who treat the whole woman, instead of those who treat women as sexual objects."

It would also be much better if Planned Parenthood would not live up to its racist, eugenic history by accepting donations specifically to abort black children. An undercover investigation last spring revealed that Planned Parenthood employees in several states gladly accepted donations earmarked to kill black babies, with one clinic employee telling a prospective donor that wanting fewer blacks was "understandable."

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