Monday, December 15, 2008

'May I Be Worthy of Your Trust'

For some strange reason, Lord, you depend on
What possible need could you have for my
Why should you lean on me? Yet you do just that.

I am grateful. It is a challenge
and a trust,
an inspiration and a call to character.

If you are willing to depend on me,
weak and clumsy as I am,
I am eager not to fail you.

Lean on me, dear Lord.
At least pretend to find me a help.
May your sweet pretence
make me worthy of your very real trust.

— Father Daniel A. Lord S.J.

The above is from a series of prayerful reflections made by Father Lord after he was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

My friend Jeff recently had a recurrence of cancer and is going into chemotherapy today for the first time. Please pray for him.