Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Prayer requests

Please point your petitions heavenward for these intentions sent in by readers:

  • "A father who has four small children. ... It has been two years that the father has had a job teaching the Faith in a Catholic parish that many thought would never hire someone orthodox. ... This leader is excellent at Scripture, at explaining Catholic teaching, at inspiring others, and has been done much good in the parish. However, many on the staff remain violently opposed to an 'orthodox' person on their staff and constantly complain about work he does. His information for the parish has been thrown in the trash, his duties are curtailed, restrictions are put on him. He is slandered and there have been various attempts to get him fired.

    "[Tomorrow] at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time there is a meeting on 'how he is getting along with his fellow workers.' That sounds like code for something. Please keep this man of God in your prayers. He is a warrior for the Church, teaching humbly. Please also pray for the staff and the pastor who works toward peace amidst his staff, and for what is best for this particular parish and our parishes in general. We need to pass on the Faith! Even in the midst of crosses." (Update: The man was admonished to improve his relationship with his co-workers, under pain of firing. Please keep up the prayers for God's will.)

  • "A 34-year-old professional woman who has just discovered she is pregnant and is dithering over whether to keep the baby. Her parents have said they will help in any way they can irrespective of her decision, but they have made it plain to her that she isn't thinking about termination (the daughter's terminology); she is in fact going to kill her baby whose heart is already beating, if she chooses that dark path." (Update: She is now inclined to keep her baby, after also receiving encouragement from her sister to choose life. Thanks for your prayers.)

  • "An old widow from my church, who happens to be a wonderful, and up to now, active church member and community member, recently suffered a stroke. She's convalescing and has help, but, I think, could use some prayers."