Tuesday, December 2, 2008

UPDATED: Register-ing his discontent

Father Thomas Euteneuer of Human Life International is not pleased that the Legion of Christ-owned National Catholic Register says "there's no reason to fear" a President who has vowed to erase all restrictions on abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, deny health-care providers the right to opt out of abortions, and require taxpayer funding of abortions.

UPDATE: Daniel Kane points out in a comment, quite rightly, that I have not linked to the Register's original editorial, and that I have not linked to Father Euteneuer's column on the HLI Web site. The Register editorial, with newly added mentions of the newspaper's previous (less sanguine) coverage of Barack Obama, is here. Its author, editor Tom Hoopes, also responds to critics in Matt Abbott's latest column.

To my knowledge, Father Euteneuer's response to the editorial has not yet been posted on the HLI Web site. I linked to it as it was published in yesterday's Abbott column, because I believe Abbott is a reliable source. If it were proven not to be Father Euteneuer's words, I do not believe Abbott would have allowed it to remain online today, especially after he published Hoopes's reply. However, to be certain, I have written to Abbott and Euteneuer for confirmation; if they respond, I will note it here.

UPDATE #2: Father Euteneuer responds:

Mr. Kane is sending up a smokescreen here, as if an opinion needs to be published anywhere other than where it was published. You know the tactic: cast aspersions on the messenger to try to discredit the message. I was asked by Matt Abbot to give my comment on that atrocious editorial, and I gave it. Do I need to publish it on my website to prove to Daniel Kane that I wrote it?!

But that he may know...I attach my original which was not changed one bit except for the title. Editors have the right to give their own titles, and in this case, Mr. Abbott used one of my expressions in the article itself for the title so it stands on its own.
[Read the attachment here.]