Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UPDATED WITH NEW LINK: Coterie of many collars
Jesuits, Boston College students march together for life

Jesuit scholastic Joe Laramie sends this photo of himself (the bearded gent seated at left) and others from Boston College at the March for Life. All told, eight young Jesuits and 30 BC undergrads joined about 299,962 others at what Barbara Curtis aptly calls "the most underreported event in the nation."

I would say the second most underreported event is the influx of dynamic young men into the Jesuit order who are attracted to the charism laid out in St. Ignatius Loyola's foundations, including its loyalty to the Magisterium. Some of them, including Father Sean Raftis S.J., produced the official Jesuit publication "Standing for the Unborn," which provides forceful arguments for why faithful Catholics should see the right to life as the unbreachable foundation of all social justice.

MORE: Fellow S.J. aficionado Karen Hall runs the fine blog Some Wear Clerics "for faithful sons of St. Ignatius and those who pray for them."

UPDATE: John Brown S.J. of sends a link to photos of another Jesuit-led March for Life contingent, adding, "See if you can find me; Aaron Pidel, S.J.; Nathan O'Halloran, S.J.; Fr. David Brown, S.J.; Fr. Chris Collins, S.J.; Danny Tesvich, S.J.; Fr. Richard Hermes, SJ or any other unabashedly pro-life Jesuits!"

Photo courtesy of Abigail Craycraft, undergrad president of the BC Pro-Life Club.