Friday, February 6, 2009

UPDATED: A good start

Father Thomas Berg LC sets an example for his Legionary brothers in expressing unqualified pain and sorrow "for anyone who, in any way, has been hurt by the moral failings of Fr. Maciel."

Please join him in his call for prayers.

UPDATE: Canon lawyer Ed Peters notes:: "Berg issues no cost-free, third-party apologies for things he (Berg) did not do, but instead expresses his profound personal sorrow for the victims of Maciel. Berg has no power to make material reparations to the victims, but he has pledged the power of his priestly prayers and personal penances on their behalf. Berg recognizes that the Maciel crisis is not simply some sort of internal Legion imbroglio, but a crisis for the whole Church. Berg clearly understands what 'communion of the saints' demands of us in this life, as well as what it portends for the next." [Read the full post.]

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