Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jesuit describes Legion of Christ's 'psychologically destructive' take on Ignatian obedience

Nathan O'Halloran S.J. offers some fascinating observations, based on conversations with several ex-Legionaries, on why he believes the Legion of Christ promotes a misunderstanding of ISt. Ignatius Loyola's teaching on obedience:

Did the Legion just sort of go wrong? Did they have most things right and just mess a few things up? I feel like going back to those people in college who told me that the Legionaries had it right and demanding that they now look at the present situation, caused in large part precisely because they misunderstood Ignatian obedience. As a Legionary, one could not represent, could not discern, could not manifest. And so within this atmosphere, the poison spread. This is not a situation where for the most part, they have an intact spirituality, with all the "good parts" of Jesuit life -- as I was so often told. Where are all those people who said those things now? I wish they would come out and admit they were wrong. Admit that Ignatius knew what he was talking about and did not need to be modified even stricter than he ever intended to be. "Strict" is actually not even the question. Rather, psychologically destructive. Ignatius was a good psychologist, a reader of men's hearts and minds. He knew better than to propose an obedience that the Legionaries impose. And wisely so.
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