Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NY Times reports on Legion crisis

New revelations about the Legion of Christ's founder, which have been rumored in the blog world for the past few days, have just been reported on the New York Times Web site.

When I first heard the rumors days ago, I asked readers to pray. Please redouble your prayers now, for all those affected by this crisis, for the healing of the Church, and for our Holy Father Pope Benedict.

Please return to this blog tomorrow morning for another request I am preparing that is related to this crisis.

With so many people expending energy commenting upon this situation on other blogs, I am closing the comments to this post. What is needed, more than anything, is prayer. Whatever your opinion of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, the Mystical Body is suffering a deep wound.

Patrick Madrid has written an excellent, thoughtful blog post on the situation. Read it. And, again, pray.

FURTHER READING: Father Z offers a traditional prayer for the Pope in English and Latin.

Image from today's entry on Vultus Christi, "A Church With Face and Garments Soiled" (highly recommended).