Thursday, April 23, 2009

Media picks up on Obama's 'initial' trepidation

While I was on my speaking tour in Poland, the mainstream media picked up on the story I broke about how Georgetown covered up the IHS symbol, which represents Jesus' name, for President Obama's speech there.

The first mainstream-media reporter to cover the story, the Washington Times' Julia Duin, very kindly credited me for calling attention to the removal of Christ's monogram from the public square, which was done at the request of the White House. I am glad to see that the story was then picked up by hundreds more media outlets.

As Father Arthur Olsen, who supported Georgetown's decision to host Obama, wrote in a letter to the university's newspaper, "Georgetown slid, perhaps by small, unnoticeable steps, into such a self-abasement at the altar of secularism. It probably seemed like a small concession at the time — really just a matter of being hospitable — to respect the request of such an honored guest.

"But the Holy Name of Jesus is a symbol: a powerful, important and even central symbol, of the greatest good that ever entered the world, not to mention the society that founded this institution.

"Covering it up, blotting it out, is a symbol, too."