Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quote of the day

"Christ’s figures of speech are always both charming and consoling. But never was any other figure of His more consoling than that by which He spoke of the burden of the cross as a yoke. Joy shared is doubled; sorrow shared is halved. That is the ancient phrase. And the yoke is uniquely a thing that must be borne by two. 'My yoke is sweet,' cried the Saviour. And with a blind faith the Christian thrusts his neck into the yoke that is Christ’s. He accepts the burden of sorrow and pain that is, he knows, inescapable. The weight of the rough yoke presses down upon him. Then in a sudden miracle it seems to grow light. For, bent as he is, he looks to the side and makes his great discovery: A yoke is for two; a yoke is not meant to be borne alone. Carrying the burden that has been placed upon him, the Christian sees the head of the Saviour near to his own. The other half of the yoke is borne by Jesus Christ."

— Daniel A. Lord S.J. (1888-1955), "Life's Many Joys and Crosses"

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