Sunday, May 10, 2009

UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Father Pavone to lead prayer at alternative Notre Dame commencement

A press release from Priests for Life:

Father Pavone talks on YouTube about the ND scandal and the alternative commencement.

Fr. Frank Pavone announced today that next Sunday, May 17, he will be present on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

Members of the senior class who have decided not to attend their own graduation have invited him to lead them in prayer at the Class of 2009 Vigil for Life, which will start at 2pm, the same time as the commencement ceremony in which President Obama will be honored.

The Class of 2009 Vigil for Life will take place at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes. The Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary will be prayed and Fr. Frank will give five-minute meditations prior to each decade.

In response to the invitation, Fr. Pavone stated, “In standing with these students, I am standing with the true spirit of Notre Dame: a pro-life spirit, in harmony with human reason and Catholic Faith. The scandal that has been generated does not represent what Notre Dame is all about; it represents a radical betrayal of what Notre Dame is all about. I am encouraged by the pro-life activities of so many student groups on this campus – activities that are carried out all year round.”

Fr. Pavone added, “Hundreds of thousands of Catholics, hundreds of priests, and dozens of bishops have called upon Notre Dame to end this scandal by withdrawing its invitation to President Obama. The result of that demand is not in our control. But one final response to this scandal is fully in the control of each graduating senior: don’t show up. Don’t participate in an event which will only serve to obscure rather than highlight the Church’s pro-life teaching and the true spirit of Notre Dame. Instead, come to the Class of 2009 Vigil for Life. The seniors who do this are manifesting the real meaning of commencement: they are carrying out the witness to truth and service that their hard-earned degrees have prepared them to give in the world.”

Priests for Life has gathered the signatures of hundreds of priests who have voiced their concern about Notre Dame’s actions. Priests for Life has also joined with the student groups that comprise “ND Response” (see in calling on all the faithful to pray a million rosaries in reparation for the scandal of that has arisen with the decision of Notre Dame to honor pro-abortion President Barack Obama. To sign up for this rosary campaign, visit