Friday, May 1, 2009

Making Polish a romance language

A highlight of my Poland tour last month (promoting the Polish-language edition of my book The Thrill of the Chaste) was getting to appear at Warsaw's Master Academy of Love.

Known by its Polish acronym, MAM, the organization puts on monthly panels in a talk-show format, punctuated by video clips and a sketch with live actors, all on the subject of romantic love, marriage, and family. The events have a Catholic perspective, but are centered upon advice for practical living, rather than religious instruction. They are enormously popular. The one I attended, at a college theater, was sold out, and I have never seen any religion-tinted event hold a packed audience's attention so well for so long— three and a half hours, to be exact.

A montage of the April 17 MAM event is now online—click here or click the image below and the video will open in a new page. I come in at about 1:18 and towards the end. The woman seated to my right (your left) was my interpreter.