Friday, May 8, 2009

Quote of the day

Today's quote comes from Steve Kellmeyer, author of Sex and the Sacred City, reacting to Christopher West's appearance on "Nightline":

"What does it mean to say 'Hugh Hefner is my muse' or 'I see historical connections between Hugh Hefner and John Paul II'? ...

... [T]he theology of the body, indeed, the whole of the Catholic Faith, is dedicated to the exact opposite of Hugh Hefner's view, and the view of the entire sexual revolution.

"Margaret Sanger provided the funds to create an hormonal contraceptive in 1951, the Catholic Dr. John Rock started working on the problem in 1952, Playboy was founded in 1953, and by 1955 the hormonal contraceptive had completed its trials. The sexual revolution is founded on pornography and contraception - the total objectification of women.

"How on earth are we supposed to 'not run from the sexual revolution, but complete the sexual revolution'? Are we supposed to even more completely objectify women than we already do? How can this possibly square with anything taught by Pope John Paul II or the Catholic Church?

"The phrase about musing on Hugh sounds nice, the phrase on completing the sexual revolution sounds nice, but when any consideration is given to exactly what is being said, the conclusions are insane.

"John Paul II and Hugh Hefner are not working together in any sense. As every book on the subject describes, as every historian knows, the sexual revolution is built on pornography and the Pill. It is not a Catholic movement, it cannot be baptized."

— Steve Kellmeyer"What Does John Paul II Really Say About Sex?"

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