Monday, June 29, 2009

In living color
Easter morning, DeMille style—from 1927!

Jesus rises from the dead, meeting His mother and Mary Magdalene in this gorgeous Technicolor sequence from Cecil B. DeMille's 1927 blockbuster "The King of Kings." You may prefer it with the sound down, as the contemporary soundtrack is overbearing. Also advised: Have a tissue handy.

Steven Greydanus has more on this classic film, which benefited from the advice of the great author and speaker Father Daniel A. Lord S.J. DeMille remained friends with Father Lord for the rest of the Jesuit's life, as he wrote in his autobiography, more than 30 years after the making of "King of Kings":

"Father Lord and I did not always see eye to eye on artistic matters, but I never lost my admiration and love for that devoted, manly, brilliant Jesuit, whose quality of soul was never better manifested than when he was dying of cancer and I ventured to ask him if, out of that soul-searching experience, he would write for the benefit of others a little statement that I could use in my work as an officer of the American Cancer Society. He complied, with the utterly calm courage which had its unfailing source not in this world.

"One of my brightest memories of the making of The King of Kings is of Father Lord celebrating Mass in the open air soon after sunrise every morning while we were on location on Catalina Island. It was like a continued benediction on our work, which began on the first day of shooting with a short service of prayer participated in by representatives of the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Moslem faiths."

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