Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watch now: I speak at the Aberdeen Bishop's House on healing of memory

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I'm delighted to share with you one more video of my current U.K. tour, this one from last Saturday night, when I spoke to young adults at the Bishop's House in Aberdeen, Scotland, last Saturday night, sharing the message of my book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints. Although this talk is on the same topic as the other video I posted from this tour—"What the Saints Can Teach Us about Healing of Memory"—much of the content is different, plus it includes a question-and-answer period.

In this particular talk, among the topics I discuss is "inner healing," which is popular particularly among those who have a charismatic bent and those who are involved in deliverance ministry. While lauding the intentions of those who seek to help their fellow Christians heal from painful memories, and being grateful for any and all healing God has brought from their efforts, I am critical of certain elements of that approach. In this talk, I propose a way to approach healing of memories that has the benefits of "inner healing" without its attendant risks. I would welcome dialogue with proponents of "inner healing" who are open to a charitable critique.

Please pray for me and my audiences as I prepare to speak tonight in Glasgow and then go on to England before heading home on Monday (see my tour dates).