Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What does it mean to hide in Jesus's wounds? Find out in my new interview & podcast

Today, as I continue my speaking tour sharing the message of my new book Remembering God's Mercy, I was blessed to have two interviews appear online. At Catholic Pulse, the Knights of Columbus's news site, Kathryn Jean Lopez published "Healing Through God's Mercy: An Interview with Dawn Eden" (an all-new interview, different from the one she did with me for National Review Online). At Catholic Exchange, Michael J. Lichens interviews me for the site's weekly podcast.

Here is a taste of Kathryn's interview with me:
LOPEZ: What's key to understanding intercession? 
EDEN: Intercession is the human face of divine love. Jesus's wounds reveal the intercession he made for us on earth so that we might be made one with him. There is a beautiful passage in St. Faustina's diary where she describes a vision in which she perceived that God chooses to look at humanity only through the wounds of Jesus. ...

LOPEZ: Why is Pope Francis so seemingly obsessed with memory?

EDEN: I think Francis is interested in memory not only because of his Jesuit spirituality, but also because he is very fond of Augustine, who sees our memory as an image of, and a point of contact with, the Father's love. But most of all, Francis sees our memory as a participation in the memory of the Church, which is the field of action in which Christ comes to meet us at every Mass.

When Jesus broke and blessed the bread at the Last Supper, he said, "Do this in memory of me." At Mass, when we participate through our prayers in the priest's consecration of the bread and wine, we remember Jesus and he remembers us. That is how we encounter him, and that is how we become transformed by him.
Read the rest at Catholic Pulse. Remembering God's Mercy is available from Aquinas & MoreBarnes & NobleAmazon, and wherever Catholic books are sold.