Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watch me teach on St. John Paul II's theology of suffering

I am delighted to share with you these videos of lectures from the final day of the John Paul II Forum's 2016 summer workshop that I taught from June 13-17 at St. Mary's Seminary, Houston, Texas: "Love Unleashed through Suffering: The Healing Message of Salvifici Doloris and Its Precedents in Catholic Tradition."

The videos marked "III" and "IV" are the final two lectures of the workshop (it was eight lectures in toto). Although "IV" is labeled as a continuation of the topic of "Suffering and the Imago Dei," it also concerns how Pope Francis develops John Paul II's theology of suffering. Video "V" is a brief Q&A session.

These lectures draw upon my doctoral dissertation "The Mystical Body and Its Loving Wounds: Redemptive Suffering in Magisterial Teaching, Pre-Papal Writings, and Popes' Teachings as Private Theologians, 1939-2015," which will soon become available through ProQuest. An overview of my dissertation may be found in the prepared text I read at my defense (click here and scroll down to read).

* * *

In addition to my teaching work, I write books on healing in Christ, such as the new Remembering God's Mercy, which I frequently donate to priests, seminarians, and religious to help them ministry to survivors of trauma or abuse. If you would like to help fund these donations, please click here to contribute via PayPal.